Block sites is not working



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    Post the complete plain text output of the following diagnostic commands here:

       nslookup -type=txt



    "We have blocked Facebook and youtube sites in Block Sites Area in netgear Router."

    Can you here please attach a screen shot of this page where you configured this, so that I can ensure we're talking about the same thing.

    "And also when we connect to VPN, at that point of time blocked sites are opening successfully."

    Yes, this is normal.  VPNs use their own settings, not yours.  You had to block VPN access to solve this.

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    Hi Rotblitz,

    Please find the attached image for the blocked sites list.

    Can you please let us know where can we get these details ?

    We can't block the access to VPN as we are working for remote clients.



    blocked sites.jpg
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    The keyword blocking shown in your attached image is something that's purely handled on the router, it has nothing to do with OpenDNS. You would need to contact Netgear for support with that.

    If you were using a Netgear router with LPC (Live Parental Controls) OpenDNS could help you with the Parental Controls portion of the router since that technology is based upon OpenDNS.

    Due to the nature of how a VPN works this blocking would be completely ignored since the traffic is going through the VPN tunnel and not actually "seen" by the router. If you were using OpenDNS to do this type of blocking it's unlikely that OpenDNS could do anything about the VPN traffic either, since generally your traffic is going to be using settings defined on the other end of the VPN tunnel, not your own local settings.

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    In addition to what mattwilson9090 said:

    I'm surprised that you didn't post the command outputs I asked for...

    You can use either normal OpenDNS Home or Netgear's LPC enabled to block domains, independent from HTTPS or not.  You can't use both, OpenDNS Home and Netgear LPC, in parallel, because these are not compatible with each other.

    Normal OpenDNS Home:
    Configure your router:
    Configure your dashboard:
    E.g. add and to the "always block" list.

       - or -.

    Netgear LPC:
    The Genie program doesn't support your router, so download, install and run the Management Utility from
    Enable LPC and configure your dashboard at - e.g. add and to the "always block" list.

    Regarding VPN, if this VPN uses its own (virtual) network connection, then you may be able to configure this with OpenDNS resolver addresses.  When you are connected to the VPN, you may want to post the complete output of "ipconfig /all" here, so I become able to identify if it is possible to configure it for OpenDNS use.

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    I must have a configuration problem.  I am not able to block  Here is the output from the commands:

    C:\>nslookup -type=txt
    Server: Wireless_Broadband_Router.home

    Non-authoritative answer: text =

    "server" text =

    "flags 20 0 2F6 1950000780000000000" text =

    "originid 31388935" text =

    "orgid 1547675" text =

    "actype 2" text =

    "bundle 7389875" text =


    Server: Wireless_Broadband_Router.home

    Non-authoritative answer:

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    But you get returned, and this is, indicating that you have in your "always block" list.  So OpenDNS has done its job.

    If you still can visit YouTube, you may not have flushed your caches, or your browser or its plugins found a way around your router's configuration.

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    Alexander Harrison

    Based on your output, is being blocked by OpenDNS (different than the settings you showed in your screenshot). 

    Please see [Clearing the DNS Cache on Computers and Servers]( for more information in this regard. If you have trouble while using this guide, restarting or rebooting them should flush the DNS and web browser caches on your devices.

    If you're unsure, run our full diagnostic test and reply back with the protected results link -

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