Add a text field to help differentiate devices



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    There is probably a way to add that functionality, though I suspect it would be low enough in demand for this type of device that few if any resources would be devoted to it.

    That said, you are making your request in the wrong venue. Although OpenDNS provides the LPC technology and functionality for this router, since the router itself is a Netgear product, and they are the ones who write and release the firmware you need to make the request with Netgear, not OpenDNS.

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    Im not sure if this is what you mean.

    If you install the genie software on Pc (example) you can see a network map of every device your computer can see.

    You can then click on each device and give it a friendly name such as "office printer"

    on my router, I cant see a way to do this in the Router interface, but it is in the Genie software.


    As for a MAC lookup, I had to do this recently when I changed my Router and its only good when the manufacturer of the NIC is one you recognize. Half of the devices in my home had NIC's from companies that just supply them to other companies. and in one example it was a Cisco device, made for T-Mobile with a NIC from someone I never heard of.

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