Why is a blocked site still accessible?


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    "I did a google search of nude, and on the first page was a few links to hecklerspray.com with very, very pornographic photos.  Although my settings were on strict, it allowed it through."

    Sorry, but these pictures were on Google, not on hecklerspray.com, right?  Why would you expect them being blocked if you haven't blocked Google domains?  And even if you blocked the domain hecklerspray.com individually, the pictures on Goggle Search will still appear, because this is where they are, not on hecklerspray.com.  You must block stuff at the source, i.e. block the domains where they are hosted on!

    Also, regarding porn, this is not common sense.  The related tags were even explicitly rejected.  You may want to flag the domain for review:

    "So I blocked that page specifically, but it still allows me to access it."

    You cannot block "pages" or "sites", just domain names.
    And you still can access the images on Google?  That's normal until you block Google too.  Else, if you meant the visit at hecklerspray.com itself, did you flush your local resolver cache and your browser cache after the settings change to take effect immediately?  You must!

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