Netgear LPC Not Working



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    Daniel Cheung

    Hi ron!

    A few items of note:

    • OpenDNS and Netgear LPC are two different products - although Netgear LPC is a service run by OpenDNS, having both running concurrently on your router will cause filtering issues. You will have to chose one or the other.
    • Although we do have IPv6 DNS resolution services available, we are currently not employing web content filtering on IPv6. Please use IPv4 and disable IPv6.

    Should you have any additional questions on this, feel free to open a support ticket with us. We'll be glad to help out!

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    In addition what Daniel said:

    "I also set the DNS servers on the Connections in my client machines as well."

    This was needless.  Either configuring on the router or enabling LPC on the router is already sufficient.  You can configure the end user devices to obtain the DNS server settings automatically via DHCP.

    "rebooted everything many times"

    This is useless as well, especially "many times".

    "I even set the IPv6 DNS servers as well."

    This is not only useless, but counterproductive.  As Daniel said, there's no content filtering just now if you raise DNS queries via IPv6.  You either must stop raising DNS lookups via IPv6, or you must disable external IPv6 connectivity at all.  I'm not sure about this in case Netgear LPC is enabled, because LPC doesn't work based on your IP address, but based on your device ID.

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    "The router is set to use DNS servers, ...
      And the OpenDNS Updater started saying that I wasn't using OpenDNS."

    These statement lets me assume that you use normal OpenDNS Home and not Netgear LPC.  You may have mistakenly posted in this forum section.

    "Windows 10"

    Why mentioning "Windows 10"?  DNS in general is related to OSes in no way.  Staff may want to move your thread to another section.

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    Daniel Cheung

    Thanks rotblitz.

    ron, can you let us know if you're using a Netgear router at all?

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    Thanks for your quick responses.

    I am using a Netgear C3600 Cable Modem / Router. I mentioned Windows 10 only in case it made any difference.

    Here is what I did this morning.

    • Disabled IPv6
    • Cleared browser and DNS resolver cache
    • Checked Netgear genie to confirm it is reporting a filtering level of "High"

    I can open both and and other porn sites no problem so it appears that the Netgear parental controls are not working.


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    I went into Netgear Genie and disabled, then re-enabled parental controls and now it is blocking on my PC.

    I tested on an Android phone and it was successfully blocked

    My Windows Phone is not blocking at this point.  It appears to be using the previous DNS servers and so far I have not figured out how to fix that.

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    Daniel Cheung

    Hi ron,

    I can see that you've opened a ticket with us - I will be responding to you there for your next steps. Thanks!

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    "The router is set to use DNS servers,"

    You don't have to do this manually.  It's autmatically done when enabling LPC with Genie.

    "And the OpenDNS Updater started saying that I wasn't using OpenDNS."

    Do not run an Updater with Netgear LPC!  Also, delete a possibly existing network at
    Your LPC dashboard is only at

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