Blacklisted domains not being blocked



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    Are other others being properly blocked on the same device that was used to access this domain? Did the person who accessed this domain do it from your network, or some other network? Is your IP address registered with your OpenDNS network? Did the person who did this change the DNS settings on your computer? Did they access it via a VPN or something else that bypasses all of your network and security settings?

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    I have many sites blacklisted with netgear opendns. They have always blocked those sites from any device accessing my router. From 5-9PM, approximately, those sites were not being blocked. I used my cell phone and it accessed. I used my laptop and it accessed. I uninstalled netgear genie on the laptop during that time, and still the sights were being accessed, yet they have always been blocked. After hours of troubleshooting, I went downstairs to my main PC connected by wire to the router and troubleshooted from there. The sights were being blocked on that PC.

    All of a sudden, late that evening, (using iPad, cell phone, laptop) all devices stopped being able to access those sights and the opendns page came up saying contact administrator it's listed as a block sight or something. What happened?

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    Rob Gregg


    Looking at your account I can confirm that we do appear to be seeing some traffic from your router. I think the best bet would be to run a diagnostic from one of the machines which is not seeing the expected blocks.

    [You can download the diagnostics tool for Windows here] (
    [You can download the diagnostics tool for Mac here] (

    Make sure to enter a domain you would expect to be blocked in to the "Domain To Test" box. When the diagnostics have completed you will be provided with a link, please paste that in this thread. Your results will only be viewable to members of OpenDNS staff and yourself.

    Looking forward to seeing those results!

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    I'll try to do this diagnostic soon... but everything right now is working as it should on all devices... cell, ipad, pc, laptop, wired and wireless.

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    Ive had this same problem and am posting a link to my diagnostic results here. 

    See results at

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    You must also raise a support ticket, else your diagnostics may not be reviewed.

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