How I can setup time blocking from 10 PM to midnight?



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    Looking at
    Does the time drop-down list only allow for 15 minute intervals?

    If this is the case, you may consider to use the pure router internal feature as of instead of the other LPC schedules, or in addition to cover the hole.
    If you enter a few keywords like com, net and org or whatever you want to block "Per Schedule", this would block from accessing the related web traffic efficiently.  And you can freely enter the hours and minutes, not being bound to drop-down list options.

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    brian.e.williams (Edited )

    Two problems and my recommended solution (as a software engineer that deals with time all the time):
    1, Your system should allow for overnight,  bedtime is bedtime, and this should be a standard feature.  if I set the start time to Monday and Wednesday at 10:AM to 9:AM,  then that means the clock starts on 10:AM on Monday, and ends the next day at 9:AM on Tuesday. and starts again at 10:AM on Wednesday.
    2.  The end time minutes should be 1 minute less than the Start time minutes,  Example: :59 PM :14 AM :29 AM :44:AM :59 AM :14 PM :29 PM :44 PM   this will reduce any potential gaps in time from 15 minutes to 1 minute.   You could even go a step further, and under the hood, add 59.999 seconds, so in reality, there is only a 1-microsecond gap.

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    Not an engineer or anything but my work around was to create the bedtime (overnight) settings as the default which changes it for the entire day. Then created the daytime settings as a time block. Seems to have worked for me and I don't have the 15 minute gap. :)

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