Netgear Live Parental Controls and Nexus 6P - Bypass account isn't working



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    "I cannot get the 6P to accept the bypass account through the Genie Android app."

    What exactly does this mean?  Any error message or other symptoms when trying to login to the bypass account?  Does the same bypass user ID work from other devices?

    It may be that this is a Genie issue, some imcompatibility with the Android running on Nexus 6P, so you had to refer to Netgear support.  Genie is theirs, not OpenDNS'.

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    Thank you for your reply.  What's happening is I'm getting blocked when visiting any "blacklisted site" on my Nexus 6P.  It's like I don't even have a bypass account activated on my phone (which I've logged into through the Genie app on the phone).  There are no error messages other than what you see on the attached screen cap. Yes, the bypass account works on all of my other devices, including my Nexus 6 which is running the same OS version as the device in question.  I think the issue is with OpenDNS because nothing happens when I change the filtering levels.  I only gain access when I remove the Live Parental Controls completely, thus eliminating OpenDNS from the equation completely. 

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    I do not think that it is OpenDNS.  It is certainly Genie.  OpenDNS is passive and just does what your active device requests.

    No matter, although I think this is a case for Netgear support, you may open a ticket with OpenDNS first.  Users like me cannot help here.

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