opendns vs netgearopendns - pick one or the other ONLY.



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    I seems to me that turning the only thing that netgear live parental controls on or off does is change the DNS server numbers on the router between my ISP and the OPENDNS server.  That is fine.  However, once I go onto OPENDNS there is both my main home dashboard and then there is this separate netgeardns dashboard I can goto.  The both have similar filtering settings in them.  However, my main dashboard is more useful.  How do I delete/eliminate the separate netgearDNS stuff from my account.   I want to just change the DNS server settings on my router myself manually, and control the filtering in my main dashboard on opendns.  The netgear stuff seems to just add layering that overlaps and clashes ... so I really have no consistent controls over what filtering settings are active.   Frustrating, two separates trying to do the same thing on the same system.


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    "pick one or the other ONLY"

    Yes, we really all know.  This has been said at every occasion here, many many times.  Again and again, these two services are incompatible.

    If you want to use "normal" OpenDNS Home:

    If you want to use Live Parental Controls powered by OpenDNS

    It's your choice!

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    Excellent.  Thank you for the very clear explanation and simple instruction on how to properly setup once decided on one OR the other.  two thumbs up!

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