what custom filter is blocking evite.com?



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    more info:
    i received an evite (evite.com) and was getting blocked (

    this does not make sense because 1) i put evite on a whitelist (evite.com AND www.evite.com)


    2) i set up a time period where the netgear filter was disabled and attempted to got to evite.com during this period


    3) while i use custom filtering options, non of the selected options appear to pertain to the evite.com website
    it is certainly not tobacco, pornography, drugs......

    anyone of the above should have allowed evite.com to be accessed, but to no effect. what is going on? short of disabling the netgear filter, what should i do?

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    "what custom filter is blocking evite.com?"

    This is Business Services.  https://domain.opendns.com/evite.com

    "was getting blocked ("

    This is a clear evidence that this is not caused by OpenDNS, because this URL indicates a local web page on your router, not an OpenDNS block page.  It is caused by the Netgear internal blocking feature which is unrelated to OpenDNS and LPC, but purely related to the Netgear router.

    "i put evite on a whitelist"

    If this is at the LPC dashboard (https://netgear.opendns.com/), remove it again.  It's useless and just fills up your limited whitelist unnecessarily.

    If you still have problems, move on to Netgear Support.

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