How to stop access to sites having adult contents (video + images), which are found out by typing key words in search engines?



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    Are you talking about the the objects presented by the search engines?

    If you want to do it with OpenDNS, you had to block the Search Engines category.  Else this depends on the search engine.  For Google their SafeSearch feature is an option.  Something similar has Yahoo.  For Bing block with OpenDNS.

    Or are you talking about clicking the links in the search results to move on to the related sites?  "How to stop access to sites..."

    You check the related categories at your dashboard.  If the search result link is clicked, the OpenDNS block page appears.

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    Some routers allow for blocking keywords.  For example Netgear:

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    If I see as a domain that is blocked, does it mean that someone tried to access the site from my router?

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    No, it means a networking program has looked up the domain to find out its IP address, and that OpenDNS responded with an OpenDNS IP address, not the real IP address of the domain, in order to block possible access to it.

    DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines (calling and accessing).

    "from my router"

    From your router?  No, nothing ever accesses anything from your router unless someone knows the credentials to login to your router's admin interface.

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