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    I'm not sure what message you are receiving, but judging from the subject of this thread it sounds as if you are getting a message indicating that your new (or at least new to you) router is registered with someone else.

    In those situations the solution is to open a support ticket with OpenDNS and provide the same information as you provided here. You could also include a link to this thread in your ticket.

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    i am unable to log in into my account.


          I want to chang my parental control settings .. please HELP ME ...

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    What has your message to do with the subject of this thread?  And why are you unable to login to your account?  Best would be you opened an own thread and described more explicitly what's your problem is, maybe with a supporting screen shot.

    Edit: I see that you posted also here: 
    Follow up there.

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