DNScrypt version to download and install/ how to install is unclear.



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    Only this is the right site to look for DNSCrypt clients, downloads, instructions and more:  http://dnscrypt.org/
    The dnscrypt-proxy client is not an OpenDNS program, but OpenDNS supports DNSCrypt from the server side.

    "to download DNScrypt  .6 -some early beta."

    Throw this away!

    "What is being offered for Windows install is not a standard click and install, but something else."

    Yes, you are right.  So perform this "something else".

    "Is DNScrypt only to be installed on a home router?"

    If you can install it there, then yes, you only need it there then unless you have roaming devices leaving your home network.

    "I thought I wanted the part to be always resident on the computer, in my case laptop, such that I always used DNScrypt.  ?"

    Yes, you can try this.  It should work in most networks if you use port 443.

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    Thank you for replying, and giving me the latest skinny on where the latest, only usable version of DNScrypt is.   I still feel that the program DNScrypt would be more used if the install was a point and click install.   However, I do not know all the difficulties of creating installers.    Not sure if it matters what the program download sites offer without a quick click installer, as few will try to use it, however they should not be pushing an old version when it is known the version they are offering has security holes.  I offer the comment that much of internet Security Programs needs a more careful method of expressing what is the "latest" version and some hazard warning statements.   It is easy for a newcomer to get lost with all things being offered as "good for security" when the actual program, version of program, is many years old, or can be easily miss used.    

    Also, given that a lot of public networks, like coffee shops, hotels are constantly trying to get users to use their DNS choice, uh,   Might be really great to have a pop up that shows whether I am still on DNScrypt.   

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    The early DNScrypt did do something interesting.   Wherever I log in at, I have OpenDNS in use.  Such as, when I am at McDonalds, which usually insists on me using their DNS,  I can click on the test OpenDNS, and yes, I am using OpenDNS.  That is a step in the right direction.  

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    If you want to control and monitor the dnscrypt-proxy via a GUI, then use one of the GUIs as listed at http://dnscrypt.org/ - copied to here:

    GUIs for dnscrypt-proxy

    If you need a simple graphical user interface in order to start/stop the proxy and change your DNS settings, check out the following project:

    • DNSCrypt WinClient: Easily enable/disable DNSCrypt on multiple adapters. Supports different ports and protocols, IPv6, parental controls and the proxy can act as a gateway service. Windows only, written in .NET.

    • DNSCrypt Windows Service Manager: Assists in setting up DNSCrypt as a service, configure it and change network adapter DNS settings to use DNSCrypt. It includes the option to use TCP/UDP protocol, IPV4/IPV6 connectivity, choice of network adapter to configure, as well as configurations for currently available DNSCrypt providers.

    • DNSCrypt OSXClient Mac OSX application to control the DNSCrypt Proxy.

    • GuizmoDNS iOS app to change DNS settings (for 3G and Wifi), with support for DNSCrypt - Requires a jailbroken device.

    • DNSCrypt Tools for Linux: A set of tools for dnscrypt-proxy. Features a start and stop button as well as options to enable or disable from startup. Developed for Porteus Linux.

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