IPv6 filtering is REQUIRED but not available from Open DNS



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    Well, if you continue to post this multiple times in different threads, like here and here and here, I don't like you anymore! ;-)

    I have also told you that you can have filtering and full IPv6 connectivity if you send only your DNS traffic through IPv4.

    Btw, what would be the technical solution for filtering with DNSv6 traffic?  Any suggestions?  Or don't you care and leave it with the experts?  You may know that IPv6 is significantly different from IPv4, making a viable solution very difficult.

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    Full OpenDNS filtering with internet IPv6 traffic can be enabled today using DNSCrypt against the OpenDNS IPv6 addresses. Granted, it is a bit of work around, since once configured it intercepts all DNS traffic and routes it via DNSCrypt, but it's one way to get it to work without having to have full IPv6 support on the OpenDNS dashboard. An increasing number of third party router firmware supports this with only a few mouse clicks, and I wouldn't be surprised if some commercial firmware started implementing it. There are other ways to implement it as well, but without a server infrastructure this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add full IPv6 filtering via OpenDNS.

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