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    You cannot use Umbrella and LPC together. You need to decide which one to use and completely delete the settings for the other. Also, the dashboard you use to manage Umbrella and LPC are completely different.

    As for the proper dashboards not being available to you, or your IP address being assigned to another account, you need to open a support ticket with OpenDNS. There is nothing that the other OpenDNS users in this forum can do for you.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Is this the same as https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/220619288
    Posting an issue multiple times doesn't help either.  Follow the advises of mattwilson9090.

    "And I try to add IP to the netgear open dns dashboard"

    There is no IP address to be added to the Netgear LPC dashboard which is found at https://netgear.opendns.com/ 
    Netgear LPC does not work based on your IP address but based on your Netgear device ID.

    "Umbrella dashboard is GONE."

    If you want to use Umbrella, you must register your IP address at https://dashboard2.opendns.com/ 
    If your IP address is registered with another OpenDNS user, simply obtain another IP address from your ISP while disconnecting from and reconnecting to the internet.  Then try again to add your IP address.

    If this is not with success, you must raise a support ticket with OpenDNS, or use the Service Plan you may have subscribed to with Umbrella.

    As mattwilson9090 said, you cannot use Umbrella and LPC at the same time but must go for the one or the other.

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