umbrella: disable endpoint internet when infected



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    Any DNS service (not just OpenDNS) does not control access to the internet. In simplistic term OpenDNS only provides domain name resolution with additional filtering and features built on top of that. Even with the additional features of Umbrella how are they supposed to turn off internet access?

    For that matter, how is OpenDNS supposed to determined when a device appears to be infected?

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    Hello mattwilson9090,

    Thanks for your insight. I agree with you. I do not expect OpenDNS to determine when a device appears to be infected. However, sometimes another sercurity product will alert that an endpoint is possibly infected but could not be remediated.  It would be nice to have the ability to take an endpoint 'offline' from a central console like OpenDNS until it can be remediated. Since the umbrella agent is running on the endpoint, it felt like a good fit to me.


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    OpenDNS will certainly not do anything with your internet connection or your particular devices in your LAN.  They are only to handle your DNS traffic, the DNS traffic your devices (maybe through their agents) send to them.

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    OpenDns is not a virusscanner, but a webfilter. You need a virus/malware scanner to prevent infection on your PC.

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