openDNS router configuration over Tails


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "openDNS router configuration over Tails"

    How's this to work?  Do you have access to Tails/TOR routers, so that you could configure them?

    "is the network traffic still being tracked?"

    Do I see it right?  You post this question about Tails and TOR in the OpenDNS forum?  This doesn't look like a logical decision.  Why do you think that you find Tails/TOR experts in an OpenDNS forum?  Wouldn't be a Tails/TOR forum be the better place for your question?

    Well, from an OpenDNS perspective I as user can say: if you don't see DNS traffic in your OpenDNS stats anymore, then no traffic goes to OpenDNS.

    No idea if your network traffic is still being tracked.  Tails/TOR say no, because this is the purpose.  But why should you believe them?

    "Can I see what is being used on Tails because the internet still goes through my router and thus openDNS?"

    Generally, how can one see what is being used on Tails?  Do they offer a tool to see what is being used?  Or what else do you want to express?

    And no, "the internet" does not go through your router.  It's a VPN tunnel which goes from your computer through your router and through the internet to the servers operated or used by Tails/TOR before your traffic hits the public internet.  And because this tunnel goes to these Tails/TOR servers, the DNS traffic cannot go to OpenDNS anymore at the same time unless you tweaked your system regarding Tails/TOR accordingly.

    And your traffic can be tracked as follows: 
    One can see that you use a VPN tunnel between your network and a specific Tails/TOR server.  And one can see your traffic when it hits the internet after the Tails/TOR servers.

    Now a question for you: why did you raise this?  Do you want to use Tails/TOR, or do you want to use OpenDNS, or both?  Or what was the use case why you have raised this?  I'm just confused...

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