open dns on zyxel d1000 router



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    Mash Sarband


    I was able to look up the router's manual at eir D1000 modem, and on page 38, it talks about editing your current broadband connection. There's also a screenshot of what you should see too and where you can put our DNS IP addresses.

    If you're unable to configure your router to use OpenDNS, then we suggest you configure your computer instead (see You will get the same benefits, and if you have a small number of computers on your network, it's relatively easy.


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    If you can, you change the DNS server names on the router to the OpenDNS ones.  If this is not possible, you still can change the DNS servers on the end user devices.

    Your dashboard is irrelevant before the above, and you don't change anything on browsers unless you have a Chromebook.

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