Category for fraud/fake news?



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    The big thing to know is, how are you defining "fake news site"? Would it include sites such as The Onion? How about Breitbart or the Huffington Post?

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    I don't think "fake news" is doable, however I could imagine that a general "Fraud" or "Trademark impersonation" category could be good to have unless that type of page is already defined somewere else. 

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    I’m also seeing a need to mark sites that promote debunked or absurd conspiracy theories, e.g. InfoWars. Alex Jones presents himself as a journalist, and his stories as genuine news. But it took social media years to realize that he demonstrates a reckless disregard for objective truth, if not deliberate intent to undermine it altogether. OTOH, he doesn’t quite meet the standard for the Hate/Discrimination category, as most of his performances don’t target protected groups. There are many, many such sites at all the fringes of the political & social landscape; and we can only expect more to pop up as the social media giants wake up to their shenanigans and ban them.

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