disabling dns-o-matic updates in the linux ddclient



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    ddclient does not have such an option, so you cannot disable it.  But you can send your updates from ddclient through DNS-O-Matic.

    You login with your OpenDNS credentials at DNS-O-Matic and configure your OpenDNS network as a service there.  Then you proceed with these instructions:

    I suggest enabling SSL at the top of the configuration (ssl=yes # use ssl-support.)

    I believe you can update OpenDNS also directly, without going through DNS-O-Matic.
    Try this:

    ## OpenDNS account-configuration
    ssl=yes use=web, web=myip.dnsomatic.com server=updates.opendns.com protocol=dyndns2 login=opendns_username password=opendns_password your_network_label


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    Thanks for your help.  It looks like I probably wasn't using dns-o-matic after all, given that my ddclient.conf looks very much like the one you've posted above.

    I have followed your instructions for using dns-o-matic, and I'll see how it goes.  It looks vaguely positive at the moment but I'll need to wait till my public IP address from my ISP changes before I know for sure.


    PS: I switched to openDNS because BT's parental controls don't work, and I couldn't get any help online.  As always, support you get for free turns out to be vastly better than stuff you pay for! :-)

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