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    Because you use this for business purposes, I assume you're talking about the Umbrella (Enterprise) line of services?

    Further seeing that you posted this in the Netgear Live Parental Controls section of the forum.  Do you really use a Netgear router with LPC enabled?  Or did you reach this forum section in error?  Then open the question again in the right section.

    Or do you illegitimately use a Home version for business purposes?  Or do you use the free Premium DNS which does not come with content filtering?

    Well, your configuration almost depends on if your "satellite offices" share the same public IP address (or the same Netgear router), or if every location has its own.  The configuration is also much different depending on what OpenDNS service you're using.  General instructions for "Is there a way to block a site on just one device?" do not exist.  So without providing more details no assistance can be provided.

    "When I enter a particular site to be blocked, I can still access it."

    What instructions did you follow to block a site's domain(s)?
    Do you use OpenDNS at all?  Check it at
    If you don't use OpenDNS, then any other settings are irrelevant.

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