Blocking incorrect based on filtering selection



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "going to a site such as is blocked by the open DNS parental filtering."

    Why do you think it is blocked by OpenDNS?  The domain does not have an A or AAAA record assigned, so generally cannot be connected to, no matter what DNS service is being used.  You have to refer to the website owner to correct their authoritative DNS.


    Non-authoritative answer:
    *** Can't find No answer

    So, this is not OpenDNS blocking anything!  Do you have any better examples than

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    dwjoosten (Edited )

    Sorry, thought I had the typos fixed. Not Phone likes to auto correct. Also trying I get the same blocking for news/media and I don't have that one highlighted or check marked

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    I have pretty much the same issue on my end I have the basic filtering set to low and then have just my pc's filtering via the network map set to ''none'' and with those settings all sites marked as news/media get blocked. It's strange because if I up the security on just my pc to any other level news/media are not blocked, but this isn't ideal because I then block other sites.
    Examples like,

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    rotblitz (Edited )


    If you use Netgear LPC, ensure that you do not have a network configured at - delete it!  This is not your dashboard.  Your dashboard is only at
    LPC is not compatible with any other OpenDNS service like OpenDNS Home.

    "PS the ability to upload screenshots or other information would be useful"

    No, it is useful.  You can do this at any time.  Click the second icon from the right.
    Or simply paste the image from the clipboard into the text field.


    "I have pretty much the same issue on my end"

    Same issue - same solution.

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    dwjoosten (Edited )

    Not on a PC at the moment, but going to the main dashboard it says "you do not have any networks yet - add one."

    From my phone, I'm unable to upload any screenshots. 

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    Fine, then your current IP address is most likely registered with another OpenDNS user's network.

    nslookup -type=txt

    If field "originid" is not zero, your IP address is registered which shouldn't be with LPC.

    You'll want to obtain another IP address from your ISP, or you raise a support ticket with OpenDNS to get your IP address removed from the current registration.

    "From my phone, I'm unable to upload any screenshots. "

    Yes, these toys are good for phone calls only.

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    ns lookup returned "originid 60880173"

    I have entered the dash board area several times, i dont have a (or havn't ever had) an opendns network configured. I have cycled and obtained a new ip address several times, All new ip address's are blocked to the same catagory. Coincidence? If i open a ticket and get this ip address removed from this so called other persons network config whats stops it happening again the next time my router is cycled and a new ip is given?

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    Your current IP address is registered with another OpenDNS user's dashboard network.  I already said what you have to do: open a support ticket.

    Unfortunately there's not much you can do to prevent from occurring it again.

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    brentpn (Edited )

    this seems like a pretty useless product then yeah? it doesnt operate they way it should (givin your ip can be assigned to someone elses account) and even when you open a support ticket your saying it will just happen again? why would anyone sign up for this product in the future after reading any one of these support forum threads?

    You also totaly skipped over the part where i said i have cycled my router several times mayb 6-7 always reciving a new ip address and always the same catagory is blocked news/media. your telling me 7 different random ip's are registered with opendns network accounts that only have news/media blocked?

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Well, I use OpenDNS Home since 2007, and I cannot confirm that it is useless.  And it operates exactly as it should and can, but there are users who do not.  They may keep an outdated IP address registered.  There is not much OpenDNS can technically do against this.  They already implemented some logic that IP addresses are released when an update occurs, but this does not apply for LPC, because no IP address information updates are to be performed with this service.

    And no, your current IP address cannot be assigned to someone else's account, but a registered IP address can remain with an account if the user doesn't run some form of updater.  (This is not applicable for LPC.)  You may inherit such an already registered IP address by chance.  And there are chances that this rarely may happen again.  Honestly, I only experienced this once, years ago.  And obtaining another IP address resolved the issue immediately.

    If you tried to obtain other IP addresses, did you run the check from above to see  if all of them were registered?

    It is also possible that there's another problem as only the category News/Media seems to be impacted.  Another good reason to raise a support ticket.  I'm not able to check your account.  Only staff can do this.

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    I am having a similar problem as described here. Coincidentally (or not) it too has to do with News/Media popping up as blocked.  Yes, I too have an orginid showing up. Yes, I have submitted a support ticket (#260577). Anyone have any idea how long it takes for those to be looked at? (It has been over 48hrs with no action on the ticket).

    To potentially help the discussion along ..  

    If I turn off LPC .. no errant filters applied.

    If I have it on, and set the default level to "none".  No errant filters applied  (I believe).

    If I do the same as above, but set an individual machine to the level of "none" (rather than have it inherit the default) .. Then that is when the News/Media block starts happening.

    (For the record, I could have the default for the network be set to anything .. its when the individual machine is manually set to none that unfortunately strange things happen).  

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    "Anyone have any idea how long it takes for those to be looked at? (It has been over 48hrs with no action on the ticket)."

    Usually 72 hours within business days (Mon-Fri).

    Your IP address is registered with an OpenDNS home network.  Netgear LPC and OpenDNS Home are not compatible and interfere with each other.  You'll have to get your IP address released by staff, or you have to obtain another IP address.

    "To potentially help the discussion along ..  "

    No, this doesn't help.  Everything is known, the problem and the solution, and this has been discussed to death already, here and in many other threads.

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