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    This is not something controlled by OpenDNS. It is something you have configured or installed on your computer. It's possible that it's some sort of security product, especially one of the many varieties of antivirus software out there that have an "internet security" version that provides their own type of DNS based security or filtering. It could also be some sort of "internet optimizer", or if you are in a business environment, an setting being pushed down by Active Directory or something similar.

    You'll have to look closely at what is installed and configured on your computer.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Further, do you have some sort of DNSCrypt installed?  This would change your DNS settings to as should be in this case.

    "have scanned for virus with antivirus and Malware bytes"

    This does not make sense, because exactly such appliances could be the reason for your "problem".  They won't be reporting themselves...

    "keeps changing from your servers to"

    No, not our servers.  We're just users like you.  Also, you should avoid configuring external DNS resolvers on end user devices, because this impacts or breaks local name resolution.  Your best bet is to configure DNS resolvers on the WAN side of your router.  The DNS settings on the end user devices would then point at your router's IP address.

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