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    These frequent IP address changes may be because how you have configured your internet connection on your router or modem.  For example there may be a timeout configured that the internet connection is dropped after a short time interval if no traffic is seen.  Ensure to configure your internet connection accurately, to be online all time.

    If it is not this, then the next approach would be to find out why your ISP changes your IP address so very often.  This is rather highly unusual, and you should complain with them.

    If all of this does not help, then your best bet is to use an own updater script which checks the success of the update while querying the easyDNS hostname, and if the hostname still points to an outdated IP address after more than 10 minutes, to initiate another update, this repeating until success.  It doesn't matter if you go through DNS-O-Matic or directly to easyDNS.

    "But DNS-O-Matic does not retry automatically"

    No, it doesn't.  But your updater (script) could do it, no matter if through DNS-O-Matic or directly.

    "Worst, my IP might not change for months."

    No, unlikely.  Your IP address changes far too often, and with the next change your updater should wake up to perform another update.  Else the updater you're using is badly behaving, and you should use another.

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    Thank's for your reply.

    I really do not have an issue with IP change in general. I could be months without change, until I do a reboot of the router.

    The last time was during a power outage. On restart I got an IP, but for some reason (1000 of subscribers powering up at the same time?), it changed 9 minutes later (as in the log  above).

    The point is that we generally do not need update, IPs are very stable, but when it changes it is exactly the time that we need to updated it correctly as quickly as possible. Otherwise the whole thing is pointless. I could log into my DNS provider and update it manually.

    Since the update to DNS-O-MATIC is done correctly, There is no feedback to the original IP script that a problem occurred. Without a retry, this is huge problem.

    My router, a dd-wrt firmware, can normally do an update once a day. But this is inadequate to fix this problem. But I found a command line option "--forced_update_period 1800" that force an update every half hours. So now there is 48 times more communication to fix a problem that could be solve by more adapted update tools. The major part of the problem is my DNS provider insisting on this delay even if it happens once a month (they are also getting 48 times more communication).

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    I as user do not have another solution beside the ones I listed above.  You may raise an idea in the idea bank section of the forum to introduce a retrial for easyDNS in DNS-O-Matic under the condition that an update is responded to with "TOOSOON".  You may also raise a support ticket with OpenDNS to attract more attention for your idea.

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