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    OpenDNS does not automatically block any domains for any of it's customers.

    If you want to block these domains for yourself add them to your blacklist.

    If you want to see them categorized as pornography or anything else the place to start is here Note you should post the domain names only as the www addresses will not entirely block everything from that domain, do not try to submit the entire URL since OpenDNS, being a DNS based service, knows nothing about URL's, only domains.

    If you feel these domains are urgent enough that they need to be categorized right away you can open a support ticket ("Submit Request" at the top of the page) with the domain names. If you include a link to this threat that might speed things up.

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    This is not being updated!  There are 12 million + domains submitted to be tagged, but only 4 million + domains decided.

    The only way to have newly identified pornography sites added is to open a support ticket!

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    Please vote  - and I'll vote in these sites that you find

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