Option to add by FQDN to my networks



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "my service keeps my domain name pointing to my dynamic IP at all times"

    This is simply untrue.  This is not how the process works.  Not OpenDNS or a DDNS service is to find out your IP address, but you are to tell them your IP address, this being exactly the same process for any DDNS service.  You run an update client on your end, be it software on a computer or a built-in update client on the router, NAS, DVR, IP camera, etc.

    Btw, unlike you suspect, OpenDNS is not in conflict with any other DNS or DDNS settings.  You would not be "losing all my other DNS based setups".

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    You are simply wrong, my service, like a Dynamic DNS service, updates the IP linked to my domain name, (Not OpenDNS as there is no domain name involved here),  in other words and as I stated before the service keeps my Domain Name pointing to my IP, that's part of the basics on how DNS works, they match names to IPs, now, the way the DNS service gets to know what IP to point, it is through a client living behind that IP, that I am not denying. I have a Firewall that works with one and only one of these services, this lets me have my domain name pointing  to my IP without having a PC turned ON all the time.

    You have to consider that every setup is different, the way I see it, if I do not want to have a PC ON all the time, another way to do it is to change my router, maybe getting a netgear that supports OpenDNS, and also removing my router with the service I have today (and no, I do not want to have 2 routers ON). Anyway, it is always better to start with questions rather than just implying the other person is wrong, I just thought that giving more details of my setup was not really needed to explain my idea in this idea bank.

    I still think it would be a nice feature, thanks anyway.

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    For security reasons OpenDNS does not, and never has, allowed IP updates from 3rd party services. It only accepts IP updates from devices that are physically on the network that is using the service.

    If you want to use OpenDNS and have your address automatically updated you'll need to have some device on your network running some sort of updater service. The best and preferred method is via the router, but other non-PC devices might be able to support it if they support OpenDNS, DNS-O-Matic (an OpenDNS service), or "Custom" under DynDNS setting

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    rotblitz (Edited )


    "my service, like a Dynamic DNS service, updates the IP linked to my domain name"
    "the service keeps my Domain Name pointing to my IP"

    This is not true.  No DDNS service I know does this.  It's only your update client, and it is the same as with OpenDNS.  These services and also OpenDNS do nothing to keep your IP address information updated but accept the update requests coming from your update client.  For this process it is irrelevant if the update target is a hostname or an OpenDNS network.

    But I think I know what you're asking for.  You want to update multiple services with one update request out of your update client.  No problem, the solution is there: DNS-O-Matic.  You send your update to this service, and the service propagates your update to different services you have configured there, most likely also your (unspecified) DDNS service and OpenDNS.  As mattwilson9090 said, if your update client supports one of DNS-O-Matic or "custom / user defined", then you can do this.

    Also not sure why you are talking about a PC which must be on, or about two routers.  These explanations are unrelated and therefore irrelevant.  Nobody said that you need a PC or two routers at all.  You don't!

    "I still think it would be a nice feature"

    No chance, for security reasons.  No DDNS service I know would actively lookup a hostname of another DDNS service to obtain the IP address information this way.  Again, all these services provide update APIs to be used by update clients for IP address information updates.

    There is such a service (which is not a DDNS service) which does something like this: DNS Allocator.  It works in conjunction with DNS-O-Matic, but it cannot be used to update OpenDNS.

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    movilqrobus (Edited )

    I, like @betogas want this implemented, not all the routers support OpenDNS right now, and this way my router updates the DDNS host with my always changing dynamic IP.

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    For example, I would like if my car could fly, but unfortunately it doesn't.  Would you know why?
    (It seems you didn't read what I have written above.  If you had a reasonable router, it could also easily update OpenDNS.)

    Also, updating from another hostname's IP address would require a total new functionality in OpenDNS' system: frequently querying your hostname to check if its IP address has changed.  This would result in billions of additional DNS queries on one hand and often causing to exceed the query limit for many DDNS service users who had to pay more for their DDNS service or even would be banned...

    After all, this idea is clearly unrealistic and bad.

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    Combine DNSoMatic with CloudFlare DDNS


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