Help - I need to block specific sites from son (youtube, steam, etc.)



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    This forum covers the small "Live Parental Controls" feature of Netgear routers only, not anything else relating to their routers.  You better visit the Netgear Support site or Netgear Community site to ask your questions there.  This is where the Netgear router nerds are.

    "And why do i have to go to an external service (open DNS) to configure my local router?"

    You don't.  You only need this in case of using "Live Parental Controls".   That's why it's called "live" (= online, in the cloud).

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    Hi There-

    I'm wondering if you were able to figure this issue out? I'm having the same problems and I'd love to know what you did if you solved it.


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    rz4kidz (Edited )

    if you download the netgear genie app (assuming its a Netgear Router), there are parental controls on it.  just don't know how detailed it really is...

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