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    Netgear LPC and OpenDNS Home (VIP) are incompatible services.  You can just use one of them, never both at the same time.  Else you get inconsistent and unexpected results.

    If you want to use OpenDNS Home (VIP):

    • Disable LPC on the router, e.g. with the Genie app.
    • Configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses and on your router.
    • Your dashboad is only at https://dashboard.opendns.com/settings/
      This is where you manage all your settings.
    • Run an Updater somewhere in your network, so that your IP address information remains registered at OpenDNS when it is changed.

    "How can I set up monitoring on my router?"

    Not at all on the router.  OpenDNS does not work on your router but is a service in the cloud.  To collect DNS stats you visit your dashboard and enable stats and logs.  First time it may take up to 24 hours for your stats to appear.

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