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    Your Domain Tagging system is broken. No one is going to scroll through the thousands of unorganized entries to vote on anything.


    I'd recommend doing the following items:

    1) Remove any undecided entries that are older than a year. If they've had a year and its undecided then it will never be.

    2) Remove any users accounts, submissions and votes that have more than a thousand points. I'd say if a user has a score above 1000 then they are a script(bot). No real person is going to sit there and click on that many items.

    3) Put a Captcha for new submissions and votes to make sure a real person and not a script is voting.

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    gypsyjoe (Edited )

    Thanks Rotblitz. I think if they just added a captcha and get rid of ones from bots. There is no real user with over 100,000 items they've voted on.

    Or at least put a filter to sort it by date. I develop websites and seeing an unorganized list like that with no options says to me that they didn't give much thought to how the user would interface with the list.

    The order looks random. Any unorganized list above 20 or so items is rendered meaningless to anyone other than a computer.

    A main reason why they say they  can't do anything is because of the tens of thousands of requests they get each day. However, those would be solved by putting some limits on submissions. A limit on daily submissions or a captcha to ensure a human user. It looks like it's all bad data and time to start over with some limits on submissions so real people can vote. Let's get this thing working!


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