Searching for a VPN Provider with OpenDNS Filtering


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    I'm not aware of a 3rd party VPN service utilizing OpenDNS, but the commercial service Cisco Umbrella has the Mobility option which utilizes VPN technology, same as Prosumer.

    Further, all 3rd party VPN services based on OpenVPN can be configured to use OpenDNS.  Examples are Windscribe, SecurityKISS and GhostVPN.  However you must configure OpenDNS on the computer where the VPN client runs, not on the router unless you can install the VPN client on the router.

    Although you may be able to use OpenDNS with a 3rd party VPN service, you may not be able to use it with your OpenDNS dashboard settings, because you would have to register a shared IP address you do not own.  This is normally on a blacklist and cannot or should not be registered with OpenDNS.

    Also, you cannot use Netgear Live Parental Controls with a VPN, but you must disable LPC.  Further, there are other methods from preventing circumventing OpenDNS like firewall rules on the router.  A VPN service does not count as such a method.

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