OpenDNS set up in ActionTec router, strange result



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Nobody can reproduce this, because we do not have your router with its configuration.  It cannot be OpenDNS, because, as you can see, OpenDNS returns the correct result.

    A reverse lookup for returns in case this rings any bell with you.

    Also, the DNS name has two A records (i.e. two IP addresses) assigned, whereas has only one A record.  One of these A records causes to land on a "Forbidden" page.  You may want to sync this up if you can manage the DNS hosting of this zone.

    Further, ensure that you filled out all DNS server address slots on the router with OpenDNS resolver addresses:

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    Thanks for the response. To be honest, I wasn't that hopeful that anyone would be able to figure this out. I just can't fathom where the IP address is coming from. The site is on Weebly, the registrar is something called "FastDomain" -- I don't know what has to do with any of this.

    One (among many) weird thing is that, as I said, if I put DNS servers other than the OpenDNS server into my router, the problem doesn't happen. The router only has two slots for DNS servers. I followed these instructions:

    I don't have control over this domain to fix the DNS for It's a site my dad runs, though he doesn't have direct control of the DNS either (!?!?). I've explain in 6 ways why they shouldn't have two A records, but so far they haven't fixed it. Oh, well.

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     Oh, and course today it seems to be working :-/

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