Static IP or DDNS?



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Your question is fully unrelated to anything with OpenDNS.  Regardless...

    For remote access to your Windows server you need to configure the following stuff on your router:

    • DHCP reservation for your Windows server if your router supports this, else you need to assign a static LAN IP address outside the DHCP range for your Windows server, not to be configured on the router but on the server.
    • Port forwarding rules to the Windows server for the related ports you want to use, e.g. port 3389 for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), port 22 for SSH/SFTP, port 80 for HTTP, port 443 for HTTPS or port 21 for FTPS or FTP (the latter is suboptimal because insecure).
    • Enabling of the built-in Dynamic DNS update client to keep your hostname updated with your IP address information.

    On the Windows server you may want to configure/install/run the services you want to access, e.g. an SSH/SFTP service or FTPS service for file transfers, a web server service, or you enable the Terminal Server Service for RDP.  In case your router does not support DHCP reservation, you want to assign a static LAN IP address outside the DHCP range of your router.

    If you need more assistance, I would suggest you post in a remote access / Dynamic DNS related forum.  The OpenDNS forum is definitely the wrong place for these topics.

    "Static IP or DDNS?"

    This question is irrelevant.  Both methods do work for what you want to achieve.

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    Dear Sir (assumption based on male Avatar),

    Thank you in immense proportions for your kindly response to what I already thought was a dumb question for any Forum (but certainly beyond my frontal lobe capacity). Despite my ignorance, your response has clarified things significantly and for that I'm most grateful.

    I've made the adjustments to my  router you proposed - it is of industrial strength and does allow DHCP reservation, etc.

    I feel I'm a few steps further down the road and have your feedback to thank for today's achievements. I'll look now for the type of forum you suggest and hope for similar levels of benevolence and perhaps pity, to get me where I hope to be.

    My next challenge after that will be learning how to change the Domain name of my Windows Server, as I'd impatiently, and foolishly, charged ahead before I reached this point and named it differently from what the DDNS service provider thought appropriate. Sigh.

    Seriously, thank you very much. I appreciate your assistance.

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    The host name of your server is rather irrelevant for remote access. I do not see that you had to change it to make it work.

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