Does Time Zone Change with Daylight Saving Time Changes?



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    I got the impression that Daylight Saving is included at, not so at DNS-O-Matic.  Umbrella seems to work with UTC.  You didn't say what service you're referring to.  You posted under "Netgear Live Parental Controls" which is again another service and does not come with logs and stats, so time zones and daylight saving don't matter.  The router's local time settings count here.

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    I am using the Netgear Parental Control, which lets you post a filter level based on times. So you can set up a high level say from midnight to 5am. 

    You have an option to set the time zone, i.e. Europe London, but it does not confirm if it changes on summertime daylight savings. Also on the screens, it does not confirm the time that the service is using. 

    Also, I have found the service not reliable. This morning at 5.50 I was unable to use the internet as I suspect the high level was still in place. I rebooted the router and was able to surf.

    Also, I found that you could not set say a high level from 11pm to 5am going over the Midnight. The portal rejected the request based on it, not the same day. 

    Also, I found it not possible to add more than one rule.



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Your best bet is to raise a support ticket with OpenDNS, link "Submit a request" above.  Also visiting may help.

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