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    Netgear LPC does not come with stats and logs, only OpenDNS Home does.  You had to disable LPC to switch to OpenDNS Home.  But also this does not capture web based visits, but the DNS traffic out of your network.  This can be a huge difference.

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    I don’t know how to do that, but I suppose it depends on what devices you are using. If windows computer, Microsoft Family will tell you all searches, sites, and time spent. If Apple Family with Restrictions enabled, you can only see history with dates (no times), but if you set the default search agent to google in Safari, with Google smart search enabled, you can sign into your child’s google account and access their full history through google account, including times. Also if you have androids, google account activity will tell you all dates, times, sites, even which apps were accessed on google devices and at what time. We have all 3 OS and I’m sort of doing a combination of the 3 I just described. With Apple restrictions, I just found some not so great search history that was thankfully blocked from my 9 year old, and because he was signed into safari with his google account, I was able to pull up his google account activity on the computer and see exactly what time he searched. Busted. Good luck! 

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    It seems you feel well with providing your child's privacy related data to Google and others...
    Yes, indeed, good luck!

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