Sparse report when using a D-Link router



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    Are you going to ask D-Link related questions in the OpenDNS forum?  Not a good idea!  You definitely should raise this in a D-Link forum.

    Regarding OpenDNS, the OpenDNS stats and logs represent all the DNS traffic out of your network which reached OpenDNS - not more and not less.  DNS traffic is not web traffic and does not relate to "pages" or any other objects, but solely to DNS queries and domains.

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    Thanks. The reason I asked it in the OpenDNS forum is that D-Link has a page with links to instructions on working with D-Link routers. 

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Yes, but these were probably instructions about how to configure OpenDNS on the router, certainly nothing about stats and logs from OpenDNS.

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