Messenger Kids (New Facebook app)



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "So how does one block social media, but unblock Messenger Kids?"

    Is being blocked by OpenDNS?  It shouldn't, because it is not categorized right now.

    If other Facebook domains are being used which may be blocked when selecting the Social Networking category, you visit to see what Facebook related domains are being blocked to add them to your "never block" list.  Candidates are (because WordPress seems to be used) and, maybe more.  But whitelist only domains where they or their subdomains are actually being blocked by your settings.

    "without opening up a bunch of Facebook IP ranges"

    OpenDNS blocking does not work based on IP addresses, but based on domain names.  Blocking by IP addresses and ranges are outside the scope of OpenDNS but may be a local feature on your router.

    "Have OpenDNS considered allowing the Messenger Kids app work but still filter Facebook and normal Messenger from working?"

    Certainly not.  If Facebook shares domains with normal Facebook and Messenger Kids, then there is technically no way to separate the services with DNS methods.

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    recalcitrant (Edited )

    Fbook messages uses MQTT different than their web servers and soul raping analytics servers.  If Kids Stalking Messenger uses MQTT also they "social" media blocks likely won't be an issue. If blocking fbook messanger is in effect and an app whoring kid conversations also uses MQTT it would also be blocked.


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