PlusNet new Modem/Router Hub One no changes allowed and nslookup returns not OpenDNS reslover



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    "nslookup also returns that it will not redirect OpenDNS either."

    Can you post the complete command output as plain text here?  I want to understand what you're saying here.  It may be that you have two problems, your ISP hi-jacking your DNS traffic, and you router not allowing to specify DNS resolver addresses.

    And yes, there may be options to use OpenDNS nevertheless.

    If I understand you right, this thread may be able to help you further:

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    beevo (Edited )

    After reading other link. I have emailed Plusnet support and requested the unblock OpenDNS so I can at least set up each device in my home individually to use their servers. I await their response. They may simply refuse.

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    "requested the unblock OpenDNS"

    This may be too restrictive.  It's not really about OpenDNS, but about any 3rd party DNS service you may ever want to use.  I cannot imagine that they have restricted and redirected OpenDNS only, but any DNS traffic in general, same as a few other ISPs do for whatever reason.

    But beside this, you investigated correctly and took appropriate measures.  Good luck!

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