Why is nudity still coming up when blocked



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    A DNS (Domain Name System) service cannot block nudity.  It can block domains only, or categories of domains (like nudity) which have been categorized in the community driven domain tagging system as such:

    As you say yourself, this is shown by Google and not hosted on a domain categorized as containing nudity.  What would you have to do?  You had to block the domain google.com, maybe more.

    "its shows nudity pictures when I have it blocked?"

    No, you definitely haven't blocked it (google.com)!  How can you say you have?  If you had it blocked, you wouldn't see it.  Promised!

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    I have well I thought I blocked nudity and porn images from all devices with using netgear genie. How do I block these images from all my devices?

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    Without blocking google search all together if possible

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "blocked nudity and porn images from all devices with using netgear genie."

    You didn't get it.  Genie doesn't block anything at all.  It is just a tool to manage your Netgear router settings.  The blocking is controlled by the Live Parental Controls (LPC) feature powered by OpenDNS, as of https://netgear.opendns.com/, not by the Genie app itself. 
    See also https://kb.netgear.com/25687/

    "How do I block these images from all my devices?"

    Live Parental Controls does block all domains which you have selected to block on all devices connected to your router, regardless of having Genie installed on them.  Again, LPC does not block images but domains where images and other objects are hosted on if they belong to the categories you have blocked.  (You apparently didn't block Google domains.)

    "Without blocking google search all together if possible"

    As I have tried to explain, this is technically not possible with a service like Live Parental Controls or OpenDNS which work based on a domain name basis.  But the providers of the services provide their own solution to this.  You may want to utilize this in addition to LPC. 

    This is not an OpenDNS or Netgear feature, so not to be widely discussed here.  Refer to the service providers for more details and questions.


    "Why is nudity still coming up when blocked"

    Because you didn't and you cannot block "nudity" with LPC (how would a machine be able to recognize it?  Something is just nude in human's brain.), but you blocked domains which have been categorized by the community as "Nudity".  And the domains you were visiting were not blocked with the category Nudity, so their content has to come up, because you didn't block them.

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