Adult sites accessable



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    "Have a Netgear a Nighthawk with Parental Controls enables. DNS points to OpenDNS."

    This would be wrong.  Netgear LPC and OpenDNS Home are incompatible services.  You can use only one of them at any time.  Decide which one and disable the other.

    This may be the reason why you think that if you "do a Google search the click on URL I can access the site".  You simply get inconsistent and random results then, exactly as you're experiencing.

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    I am really confused...My wife is extremely upset because I thought I had this nighthawk set up properly but when we google "women having sex" all kinds of awful images pop up and videos.  Why wont it block this?  We have it set to moderate default.  How do we get this working...please help

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