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    rotblitz (Edited )

    "to your servers"

    These aren't my servers.  You're writing in the public community forum and so almost to other users.

    "But I think I am misunderstanding the use of this feature as it won't accept your default DNS servers.  Can you clarify please?"

    The article you linked to provides the answer:

    Furthermore, Android P will support DNS over TLS, which encrypts all DNS queries so they can't be read or modified by anyone. Not all DNS providers support that technology, but several popular ones do, like Google and CloudFlare.

    OpenDNS is one of those which do not support DNS over TLS yet.  Therefore this is most likely the reason why you cannot use the Private DNS feature of Android P with OpenDNS.  "Private DNS" seems to support DNS over TLS only as outlined on the Android developer site:

    In this mode, applications should ensure that all DNS queries are encrypted and sent to this hostname and that queries are only sent if the hostname's certificate is valid.

    However, OpenDNS supports another secure DNS technology: 
    You probably can use this also on your Android device.

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