How to Set Up White List on Mac who is not Admin


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    If you want the OpenDNS settings taking effect only on this iMac, then you configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses only on the iMac.  If you configure them on the router, then the settings take effect on all connected devices.

    Then you visit your dashboard at to enable the option "whitelist-only mode" for the network you have set up.  And then you enter the domain names relating to the sites you want to allow into the "never block" list.  That's it!

    "Do I need to install the Dynamic IP updater on the Quantum router that broadcasts the wireless?"

    Can this be done at all?  I rather think not.

    "Do I need to install the Dynamic IP Updater on the iMac and is it ok that he is not the administrator and administrator (me) will rarely be logged on?"

    The official OpenDNS Updater must run on a device which uses OpenDNS, i.e. on this iMac.  However, if your router's built-in DDNS update client supports one of OpenDNS, DNS-O-Matic or "Custom / User defined", then you can use this instead.  Or you can use Marc's Updater on a Windows computer within your network.

    I don't know if you can install and run the official Dyn Updater for OS X under a non-admin account.  I know that this does not work for the official OpenDNS Updater for Windows.

    Btw, wireless or wired is pretty irrelevant.  The carrier (copper cable or radio waves) doesn't matter.  TCP/IP doesn't care about the carrier.

    "Why can I not find white List options from my Dashboard?"

    Bad eye-glasses? ;-) 
    There's an option called "whitelist-only mode" at the OpenDNS VIP dashboard which you enable.  Check the left-hand menu items to find  it.  Only the "never block" list is relevant with this mode, not the "always block" list or domain categories to be blocked.

    "In a previous posting you noted that to block youtube you had to add two names. One was obvious (like and the other did not make sense to me ?"

    This question is irrelevant with the whitelist-only mode enabled.  You don't block anything specifically, you just allow, because everything is blocked by default except the entries in OpenDNS' global whitelist which you have no insight to.

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