How do I keep using OpenDNS instead of new CIRCLE?



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    Well, you could disable (or not enable) Disney Circle on your router if it is not compatible with OpenDNS, and configure and use OpenDNS as usual instead.

    For help with Circle or your Netgear router, you better post this question in the Netgear Community, because Disney Circle is not related to OpenDNS.
    You may have a hard time to find assistance here.  Most OpenDNS users do not have this router and do not know Disney Circle.

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    I currently use Both,Open DNS for controlling website content and iCircle to remotely pause Internet activity and when he gets uppity, I knock him down to kid level too.


    I am using the Netgear 6400 series router and Genie to block new devices from getting to the internet by default.  If some one needs to get on the Internet, I have to add them. So if my home hacker tries to get out by spoofing a MAC address, They still can't get out.  And I have my router email the logs for failed login attempts and blocked web content.


    I might be in trouble if he figures out how to install a VPN as a standard user.  But for now, he has no admin privileges.


    Write up a plan on what you are trying to accomplish with each device and you might see that icircle has its benefits too.




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