[Unblocking] Youtube APP and GMAIL are blocked. I want to unblock them


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    You still have some domains blocked by your settings which are needed by the services you want to use.
    Find the blocked domains here: https://dashboard.opendns.com/stats/all/blockeddomains

    And no, nobody here can provide you with a list of domains to whitelist, because these are sometimes changed by Google.  You would have to find them out from time to time.
    A tool you can use for this: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/dns_query_sniffer.html

    And you can try this: block the subdomain www.google.com (and maybe www.google.co.uk) only to block Google as a search engine.  Many other Google services should still work then.

    Regarding YouTube and the YouTube app, try with whitelisting

    • googlevideo.com
    • ytimg.com
    • youtube.com
    • youtube-ui.l.google.com
    • ytimg.l.google.com
    • ytstatic.l.google.com

    Especially to save whitelist entries: whiltelist only domains which are actually blocked by your settings. Whitelist them to the broadest level possible to save even more entries.  In your screen shot: ytimg.com covers this and all subdomains like s.ytimg.com.

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