How do I do anything with OpenDNS VIP?


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    With a DNS service you can block domains only, not websites or applications.  You do it with OpenDNS VIP, the same as with OpenDNS Home too.

    In comparison to OpenDNS Home, OpenDNS VIP has these features in addition:

    • Your stats and logs are kept for one year instead of two weeks.
    • You get 50 entries for blacklist and whitelist instead of 25.
    • You can enable whitelist-only mode to allow access only to the domains in your whitelist.

    "-   block specific websites?"

    Not websites, but the domains the websites are hosted on.

    "-   block use of specific applications?"

    As I said, this is technically not possible with a DNS service like OpenDNS.

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