Ubiquity UniFi Security Gateway 3P - OpenDNS configuration - Enable DHCP Guarding



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    Did you use IPv4 or Ipv6 settings or both? 


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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Regardless of what jnjewlz did...

    If you have a dual-stack (IPv4 & IPv6) connection, then you configure DNSv6 from the following list of addresses:
    ::ffff:d043:dedc   ::ffff:d043:dcde   ::ffff:d043:dede   ::ffff:d043:dcdc

    If you have an IPv6-only connection, then you use the following DNSv6 resolver addresses:
    2620:119:35::35   2620:119:53::53
    Please note that your dashboard settings and stats are not being used then, but the default OpenDNS settings which is blocking phishing and some malware domains.
    See also https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/articles/227986667

    If you have an IPv4-only or dual-stack connection, then you clearly use the usual DNSv4 resolver addresses to configure the IPv4 side.


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    Thank you for your comment.


    I have a IPv4 connection: 



    Heres what I am doing but still having trouble. 
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network Connections -> Properties ->IPv4 -> Properties -> Use Following DNS Server addresses: Preferred DNS Server:, Alternate DNS Server: Okay, Close.
    But it doesn't stick. 
    I also did this from my Unifi Controller, it shows up correctly when I go back in but I still show to be inactive on the Umbrella Dashboard. 
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    I'm confused.  This thread is about configuring OpenDNS on the Ubiquity UniFi Security Gateway, and you seem to refer to settings on a Windows computer now...

    Also, this forum is for OpenDNS (home) users, not for Umbrella users.  If you're an Umbrella user/customer, please open a support ticket at https://support.umbrella.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    If you're an OpenDNS (home) user, then copy & paste the complete plain text output of the following diagnostic commands to here, so that I may see what your problem is:

    nslookup -type=txt debug.opendns.com.
    nslookup whoami.akamai.net.
    netsh interface ipv4 show config



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