Able to customize to block URL, but nothing show in stats (dasboard), just zero



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Initially it takes at least 24 hours for stats to appear.  If still nothing comes up, you do not use OpenDNS (see, or your IP address is not correctly registered at, or you didn't enable stats and logs at the dashboard.
    These three prerequisites must be met to get stats and logs.

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    I able to saw the chart now but no information on where I surf.

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    You never see where you surf.   A DNS service like OpenDNS has no way to obtain this information.

    DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines.  And DNS is not only needed for surfing, but for everything which needs name resolution to connect to a destination.  So what DNS can do is to log only the looks into the "phone book" coming out of your network, but it never becomes aware of your actual "phone calls" (= connections like website visits).

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