Filtration fails about every 3 hours



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    OpenDNS is a service for networks you own, not for your devices in other networks.  Also, it is for home use, not for schools or businesses, etc.  Do you meet all these criteria?

    "I have a white list."

    What does this mean?  Do you have OpenDNS Home VIP with whitelist-only mode enabled?  If yes, and if your dashboard settings do not take effect after some time, then most likely your ISP has changed your IP address, and you didn't keep it updated at 
    You must run an Updater, e.g. the one mentioned on this page, to keep your IP address information current at OpenDNS, else your dashboard settings cannot take effect.

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    IF you are using this in a classroom, you are probably connected to a schools network, and working behind a router controlled by an IT dept.  The network may be set to refresh the ip information about every three hours. I would contact the IT people running the network.  If you are controlling the main modem / router then the above applies. The service provider may be changing your ip address.

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