Normal time from submission of a url to filtering.



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    This seems to be a follow-up of 
    There was no need to open another thread.  Regardless...

    1. There is no "normal time" until domains are being approved for a category.  It can take between a few hours up to a few years.
    2. And no, there is no other way beside a support ticket to speed it up.  This is the way to go.
    3. Ah wait, there may be another way: you may want to apply as moderator, see here.
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    I did not know if my question would go missed as just another comment made on the other post, so i made a new post.   I thought that maybe with certain categories there would be a fast track, if you will, due to the type of site. I know that anyone who is determined enough can find or create a hole in almost any filter.  Leaving sites out of the filter that should fall into the most filtered categories seemed as odd. I understand the need for the voting system, but it that sites in certain categories would automatically go to staff for verification. This would prevent them from being used to access material from users networks that they would prefer to be blocked.

    I will consider the third.

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