Trying to block YouTube and Amazon PrimeVideo



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    It seems you didn't block domains being used by the YouTube and PrimeVideo apps.  These may not be categorized under Movies and Video Sharing, because they may host other services as well.

    For the YouTube app see

    For PrimeVideo I don't know.  You may check your OpenDNS domain stats to find related domains to add them to your blacklist.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    However blacklisting those linked domain is not an practical solution because I would have to repeat the same procedure at least twice a week, since I need to unblock Movie and Video for the weekend.

    Further to that, blacklisting those and related domains will mostly likely render other Google services useless, so it is a no-no.

    I understand that this is not under OpenDNS' control, but do you have another alternative to suggest?



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    Scheduling of settings is intentionally not supported by OpenDNS as DNS service in the cloud.  Scheduling must be technically a local function.

    Some routers support scheduling of blocked domains or URLs or keywords.  One example is Netgear routers with Live Parental Controls (powered by OpenDNS).  There may be more router brands supporting scheduling of settings.

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