Scheduled Blocking



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    Yes, this can be achieved by a Netgear router with Live Parental Controls enabled.

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    and for those not running netgear routers, and running the dynamic client? It would be nice if you could add a timetable option when blocking sites via the open dns web portal.


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    Yes, it would be nice.  The problem here is that there is no viable technical solution for this scheduled switching between settings.  As you ask for it, would you have a technical solution?  If not, then things will stay as they are.

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    You can use ScreenTime if you are using an iphone or Mac IOS.  You can also use Netsanity that installs a vpn which works well with OpenDNS and you can set a scheduled time for each user per license.

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    ipri (Edited )

    current: I want to block a website or category on Friday Morning - I login to Opendns Friday Morning and click the site/category, click Apply and it happens. I then log back in Friday Afternoon to change things back.

    This is Manual.

    What about

    - changing the user Interface to allow automating the change for a day and start-time stop-time without you logging in.

    - Store the times and which changes to make in a backend database.

    - add an automated backend service to look at the users requested times in the database and make the change as if the user had logged in to the system and made changes manually.

    Surely this is what people are asking for.

    - UI changes, added database fields, some new service to make the changes.

    Sounds like $5-10k at the most.


    Another way create an Secure API into OpenDNS user area and let some 3rd party developers add the functionality, comunity might do it for free.


    People probably don't care about the cache or other technical bits, if it works for them Manually, why not provide some automation.

    If it isnt air-tight, its the best for what we have and what we pay for, What we have does work and for me is helping me as a parent very much. I am very greatful.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    I just wonder why they even didn't implement this in Umbrella, their commercial version of OpenDNS.  There must be very good reasons to not implement it.  As said, scheduling can just be found with using a Netgear router where switching between schedules is a local router function.  This is what OpenDNS and Netgear developed in cooperation years ago.

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