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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The symptoms indicate that you inherited your current IP address from another OpenDNS user who still has it registered and did not keep his IP address information updated at OpenDNS, so you're using this user's settings.  Your options:

    • Try to obtain another IP address from your ISP by disconnecting from and reconnecting to the internet.
    • Raise a support ticket, link "Submit a request" above, so that OpenDNS staff can release this IP address from registration.
    • Configure a network at your dashboard and keep the IP address information updated e.g. with an Updater.  There is a feature to kick off other users' IP address registration and make their network inactive if not being updated regularly.
    • Use another DNS service which does not come with individual configuration options.

    "Also, it says I cannot report the mistake (we were unable to send ur message) ."

    The other user may have made a mistake with his dashboard configuration.  You do not need to worry about this.  Else you could have sent a message to ask him keeping his IP address information updated.

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